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Countrywood has always had a very active and strong neighborhood association with elected leaders and voluntary dues. The Countrywood Neighborhood Association (CNA) is a group of neighbors and business owners who work together for changes and improvements such as neighborhood safety, beautification, general advocacy, and community activities. The CNA reinforces rules and regulations through education, peer pressure, and by looking out for one another. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. CNA is a neighborhood association and not a homeowners association (HOA). The CNA channels information that is viable and necessary to help deter criminal activity, clean-up litter and blighted areas, and empower us citizens by speaking as one voice when addressing concerns that are taken to local city and county government. CNA operates under a set of bylaws that may be reviewed upon request.


The Countrywood Neighborhood Association is one of the largest in Tennessee covering about 2800 houses plus condominiums and apartments. Its boundaries are basically Germantown Parkway on the West, Highway 64 on the East, I-40 on the North, and Fletcher Creek/Berryhill on the South. Several in- fill neighborhoods are within Countrywood Neighborhood Association’s boundaries—Fairway Gardens, Eagle Ridge, Colonial Estates, Carrollwood, as well as Chimneyhill Condominiums, Countrywood West Condominiums, RockCreek Apartments, Lincoln at Wolfchase Luxury Apartment Homes, Colonial Towers, and several local businesses. To view the by-laws, click here.


The Countrywood Neighborhood Association (CNA) serves the residents of Countrywood where government service stops.  


Although the $55 annual dues are voluntary, they are vital to keep Countrywood healthy and safe and to ensure the quality of life we all expect. Membership is open to all residents, local businesses, faith-based institutions, schools, and other organizations located within our boundaries that have a vested interest in the area. Eligibility is automatic with residence in Countrywood. It is expensive to maintain a neighborhood the size of Countrywood. CNA’s effectiveness is limited by the total dues it collects. Membership dues are used wisely and are an important component in keeping property values high. Your involvement in determining the destiny of our neighborhood cannot be understated. Your involvement can be as small as picking up litter from the sidewalks, curbs, and medians when you walk your dog and by reporting anything you see out-of-line. Board Meetings are held regularly as decided by the Board of Directors and its Officers. Neighborhood meetings for the entire membership are held periodically and announced in advance. Important dates appear on the website’s calendar. 


The following are some of the benefits provided by your membership dues:  Maintenance and upkeep of the guard house, entrance signs, and lighting and related repairs.  Utilities for the lighting and irrigation systems at four entrances  Landscaping and lawn maintenance of the four entrances, plus the easements by the power lines and gas lines  Maintenance of the website and its “Contact Us” and “Lost/Found Pet” features plus helpful links and phone numbers  Insurance coverage on the guard house and four entrances with additional property and liability coverage as required  Periodic membership and Board meetings  Periodic newsletters and emails with information you need to know (printing and postage)  Coordination of the annual (third Saturday in September) neighborhood sale to discourage random garage/yard sales throughout the year  Stationery and postage for covenant/code violation correspondence  Legal expenses for non-profit IRS tax returns, state charter, permits, etc.  Maintenance contract and permits for four underground irrigation systems 


The “Countrywood Connection” is a newsletter that is distributed periodically by postal mail and is posted on the website. It provides important information and addresses your concerns about crime, physical improvements, transportation, preservation of our unique features, rezoning, social functions, and other special issues that may arise from time to time. 


The CNA is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the guard house, four entrance signs, lighting and their related repairs. Also, it is responsible for maintenance of the underground irrigation systems at four entrances. The City of Memphis is responsible for maintenance of about eight miles of medians within Countrywood’s collector streets and cul-de-sacs to include mowing, trimming, edging, and tree maintenance. CNA privately contracts for landscaping and lawn maintenance of the four entrances, plus the easements by the power lines and gas lines. Several other entities are responsible for a few open areas near the main entrance on Rockcreek Parkway. 


The CNA operates under a set of bylaws that require enforcement of the restrictive covenants written into every land title in greater Countrywood. There is a covenant enforcement committee that processes and evaluates all reported violations. The committee regularly asks homeowners to correct covenant violations, and then follows up with legal action when necessary. A copy of the covenants may be viewed on the CNA’s website under “Helpful Links” or upon request. Report potential covenant violations on the CNA website. Select “Contact Us” and then submit an online contact form. This method replaces the former “CNA Hotline” and is more efficient and cost-effective. Residents are encouraged to use the City of Memphis’ 311 Support Center to make complaints about Memphis and Shelby County code violations and the following: potholes, abandoned vehicles, high weeds on vacant lots, curbside trash, faulty traffic signals, and derelict and abandoned homes. Service requests/complaints may be placed by calling 311 Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or by using the Online Support Center 24/7 at and clicking “311 Support Center”. Tracking numbers are assigned for follow-up. The “Top Ten Code Violations” for Memphis and Shelby County may be viewed on the City of Memphis’ website at on the 311 page.